Repair Samsung Galaxy S4 or Buy New Samsung Galaxy S5

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Today was a big day for Samsung. It unveiled the newest Samsung Galaxy, which is following right in line with the S4 with a name of S5. This new Samsung was expected to be miles better than the S4, but many people are criticizing it as being nothing more than a couple of adjustments.

There are few ways Samsung failed this time with their newest smartphone.

  • It doesn’t give people more in operating system. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is just going to have an updated TouchWiz in addition to the Android KitKat. People were expecting a whole new look.
  • Samsung could have come out with so much more with the camera. While it’s an improvement from models past, it’s still not going to be the great difference people were expecting.
  • Quick battery charging was on many people’s minds as the rumors came out. Unfortunately, it was just a rumor. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is not going to charge any faster than its predecessors.

While the newest Samsung, which is expected to release in April, will be new, it’s not going to knock your socks off. This is especially true if you have the Samsung Galaxy S4. The only two real differences is that the new one has a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint scanner on the screen. Big whoop!

That’s why at iResQ, we think people should save their money. They should just keep the Samsung Galaxy S4 they already have and wait for the next generation of Samsung phones.

Why pay over $200 for a new phone that does exactly what your older one does? You can simply repair Samsung Galaxy S4 if there’s something wrong with it, and it will cost you much less than a new one.

You can get a Samsung Galaxy S4 screen repair if you’re screen is cracked. That will make it look brand new.

A Samsung Galaxy S4 battery replacement can make your phone last just as long as it did when you first bought it.

At iResQ, we are ready to give you the Samsung Galaxy S4 repair you need, so you can save money. Wait until a better model comes along before you make the leap to a new phone. You’ll be glad you did when you see how much different the next ones will be with newer technology that will impress you.

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