Why You Should Repair Your Old Phone Instead of Buying a New One

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Cell phones, smart phones, iPhones, tablets, laptops. These are not just words, they are in fact phrases describing most people’s central device of all information they hold dear. The iPhone continues to get bigger and better with each new release. Samsung hovers over the market with sexy, sleek designs and curves. Every time you turn your head, a brand new gadget is being released with absolutely everything you just have to have now to get on with life. Now this is a bit extreme, but it’s what the new phone advertisements have you believing. While new phones are amazing to get, the need for a replacement is not always necessary when you can just repair the phone you own now.

Even the ‘qualified’ Apple and Samsung technicians offer repairs at much higher prices than one can find at a reputable cell phone repair store, even though the services delivered are the same. If you want to pay top dollar for your repair or waste money on a brand new phone (when you aren’t due for an upgrade yet) you don’t actually need yet, then go ahead and visit your carrier. Make sure you take plenty of money with you. However, if you would like to do everything you can to save your phone now while keeping from tossing another electronic in the landfills then get it repaired now from a trustworthy and dependable cell phone repair expert.

Many people have a phone with a cracked screen on it nowadays. If you aren’t due for your upgrade yet, then consider getting it fixed for somewhere around $100. This comes in at a much lower price tag than a brand spanking new phone! Storage seems to be another common problem with cell phones. If you run out of room on your device, then consider external storage before running out to buy a new phone just to get space. Videos, music, and apps can all be transferred to your computer or to the cloud to free up storage space. Alternatively, you can get a bigger storage card (if your phone has the SD slot).

Regardless of your individual phone situation, take the time to weigh the costs from start to finish of getting a new cell phone before running out to buy one. While a new device may seem like the cheapest way to go, it is not usually the case when you consider in the additional costs. These include the cost for activation, service plan price changes, and if your carrier is going to rope you into another two year contract. Most times, it is more affordable to repair your old cell phone rather than buying a brand new phone.

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