Repair Mobile Device? 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Repair over Buying New

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When many people break their device, they immediately enter into a debate with themselves. They think about whether it’s better to have it repaired or buy a brand new device. This decision is an important one, so we want to help you by offering five considerations.

  1. Familiarity with the Device

You know your device and probably more than you ever thought you would. You know how to check your email, multitask on it, and do whatever you need to do on it. You don’t have to teach yourself anything, unless it’s some new trick that you heard someone doing to theirs.

With a new device, you’ll have to get used to it. It’s a newer version, so some of the operations you’ve done in the past aren’t the same. While once you learn how to use the new device, it will become easier, many busy people do not have time to deal with the learning curve that comes along with new iPads, iPhones, etc.

  1. Backing Up

Let’s face it. As much as we all should back up our data, many of us don’t do it. What that means is that when you get a new device, you had better back up your old device’s data or you’ll lose it. Sometimes, this can be a pain because not everyone is as tech savvy as our certified techs. This is actually the reason why many of our buyers come to us to repair their device. They just don’t want to deal with the backup of their device and getting started with a brand new one.

  1. Lost Game Data

Unfortunately, even if you back up your data on your device, you will still lose your game play. That means all of those hours you’ve invested will all be down the drain because you’ll need to start your games over from scratch. Ouch. It really is better to just get your device repaired, so you can just continue on with your gaming as you always did before it broke.

  1. You Love Your Old Device

It’s true. You have grown a weird love for your device. Don’t worry; we understand. We all have… As much as it’s nice to have something that is nice and new, we also miss the one we once had. It was with us every part of our life for a while, so it’s natural. Instead of just throwing it away though, you can just get it repaired. That way you won’t have to say goodbye right now.

  1. It’s Easy to Get It Repaired

Going to the store, choosing a new device, setting it up and learning how to use it takes a lot of energy. Sending your device to iResQ is easy and you’ll get it back in no time at all. It’s much easier to get it repaired, so contact us today or browse our repair services online.

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