Remote access to desktop now available via iPad

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You're traveling to that all-important meeting when you realize your presentation and all the information you need is at home on your desktop computer. IPad owners need not worry about this problem, as a new program allows users to access files and programs on their desktop via their Apple tablet.

According to The New York Times, the application called Parallels Access is a channel into a Mac or PC screen. This enables access to the full versions of files and programs, meaning a user can now essentially carry their desktop computer around with them via their iPad.

Parallels Access needs an Internet connection to operate, but gives users the opportunity to not only access their at-home documents, but also utilize the storage and memory of their desktops, stated The New York Times. Consumers can work with, change and save presentations, documents and other files on their iPad. However, any adjustments made will save to the desktop, which means less memory usage on the mobile device.

In addition, the app allows multiple machines to be connected, giving users remote access to their multiple personal desktops. Parallels Access is also used by IT professionals to troubleshoot office computers from their iPads. For the safety-conscious user, The New York Times reports the app uses 256-bit AES encryption, meaning data is privately communicated and sensitive corporate information can be kept safe from prying eyes.

Another app available for remote access is TeamViewer, according to CNET. It delivers a comparable experience for not only the iPad, but for other devices as well, all for free. While a desktop screen appears a little differently on TeamViewer, users can still open, edit and save programs and files.

However, these apps only work when an iPad is fully functional. One of the most common problems an iPad falls victim to is a broken screen. Service providers like iResQ can help, offering iPad replacement glass or iPad screen repair, depending on a customer's needs.

With remote access applications, users can utilize the full potential of their desktop computers from the comfort of their iPad screens.

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