Rejected iPods, unpredictable iPads, and other repair stories

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Problems getting an iPod authorized by a store

  • The situation: A Texas man reached out to us for an iPod repair after his local Apple Store refused to honor the man's receipt of purchase.
  • What caused it: The problem here is that the man bought his device at a place in Singapore that his local Apple Store in Texas refused to honor. Therefore, the people at the Texas Apple Store told him to perhaps take it back to Singapore for a repair – advice the man could not heed, since he needed the repairs done quickly. Situations like this are unfortunate but preventable for other customers. When going to purchase a device at any store that's not an official Apple Store, be sure to evaluate that store for its credentials and make sure the store has the authority to issue you Apple Care that will extend 
  • The solution: Instead of shipping the device off to Singapore, the man realized there was a far more economical option: Send it over to us here at iResQ and enjoy an expedient repair.

Stop going to the Apple screen!

  • The situation: A San Diego man sent his iPad in for a repair because it was exhibiting a peculiar problem: The device sporadically, and without any apparent prompting, reboots to the Apple screen.
  • What caused it: Part of the reason the man sent us the device for an iPad repair is because he does not understand how this problem could have arisen. What's so vexing to him is that he's performed a restoration of the device to factory settings twice, but to no avail. The reversion to the Apple screen sometimes appears to be caused by wiggling the device when it's plugged in, but it happens in many other situations as well. But the likely cause of the problem is the fact that the device does not belong to the man, but rather to his young kid, who subjects it to perhaps not the most delicate treatment.
  • The solution: As the man aptly surmised, this is likely a hardware problem, since the damage appears to go deeper than a clean wipe of the software can correct. The solution will then lie in opening up the device and determining the course of action from there.

MacBook takes an unfortunate tumble

  • The situation: A California man contacted us for a MacBook repair after his device displayed a pressure point on the screen that would not go away.
  • What caused it: An unfortunate tumble from a bed is what landed this man's device in our shop. Situations like these are all too common among computing users. After all, it's all too easy to fall asleep in bed watching Netflix, only to wake up with your computer mysteriously communing with the floor. Fortunately for the man, his device was in a case at the time of its fall, which means that the only damage was a permanent pressure point on the device's screen instead of deeper repair needs, potentially to the logic board. 
  • The solution: We will likely be carrying out a screen repair before returning the device to the man. Perhaps this little episode will inspire him – and by extension anyone reading this – to either make your bed a laptop free zone or invest in an incredibly robust case.

Fresh water or salt water – it's all the same to an Apple device

  • The situation: A New York man sent us his iPhone for a screen repair after the device suffered some water damage which led to the screen having some discernable distortion and the camera not working
  • What caused it: The man accidentally dropped his device in fresh water (he emphasized that the water was fresh). Unfortunately, whether you drop your device in the Baltic Sea or the bathtub, it's likely to have the same effect: Significantly reduced functionality due to the detrimental effect water has on Apple devices.
  • The solution: We'll conduct an iPhone screen repair as well as fixing the camera. For people reading this who don't want to find themselves in a similar debacle, consider an investment in a waterproof case.

iPhone is perhaps not the best spotter

  • The situation: A customer sent in his device for an iPhone screen replacement after busting up the screen.
  • What caused it: Chalk this one up to an unfortunate case of barbell meets phone screen. You see, the man was deeply immersed in a weightlifting session at the gym and was so focused on his strength training that, after one particularly taxing set, he let go of the bar with a triumphant hurrah. Only problem is, the bar landed on his phone's screen, which unlike the man was not prepared to handle that kind of weight.
  • The solution: A screen repair is the clear order of business here. To the man, we wish him happy future lifting, and perhaps an iPhone case to go along with that.
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