Recent iPad designs causing yellow screen tint

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The recent availability of the iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini has many clamoring to get these new devices. However, both are experiencing color issues with their displays. According to MediaPost contributor Steve Smith, the iPad Air has a display unevenness that many owners are voicing opinions about.

One complaint that many iPad Air owners have is a yellow tint to one half of the screen, while the other half is either a clean white or pink hue. This issue has been seen in other Retina Apple devices, such as the iPad 3 and older MacBook Pros.

Another issue that many have run into is a shadow effect on the left edge of the screen. While many tablets and eBooks have this display feature as it simulates the real shadow a book spine creates when reading, this shadow appears all the time on the iPad air.

As Smith stated, while a good portion of the owners of the new device may not be distracted by these display problems, others won't be able to use their iPads because of it.

“Some people call this obsessiveness, and it surely may seem that way to the many who will look at these screens and deem them perfect,” wrote Smith. “But the problem seems quite obvious to a number of people in the forums – many of whom, like me, see this problem on most of the demos they check.”

IPad Mini also experiencing yellow tint
Like its bigger brother, the new iPad Mini, complete with a Retina display for the first time, also has had some issues with the display. According to Product Reviews, some new users have experienced a yellow tint on their screens.

The problem comes from the screen gluing process that takes place during manufacturing. Unlike the newest iPhones, which have solved the gluing issues, the iPads are still put together the same way.

According to many iPad Mini users, the problem does not go away, calling for iPad screen replacement. Others have suggested to try setting the screen on maximum brightness for a few days, which has removed the issue for some. If the problem still lingers, Mini owners are relegated to sending their device to a repair service.

If any users have a cracked iPad because they were upset with the display issues, they should send their device to iResQ, where expert technicians can handle all types of iPad repair.

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