Recent Apple patent hints at new iPad Smart Cover

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In the quest to avoid the need for iPad repair, the Apple Smart Cover has been a boon for users. Now, PC World reports that a new patent has been published for a “Cover Attachment with Flexible Display,” which the news source said is essentially a Smart Cover with some other creative features.

One of the new features of this Smart Cover is a keyboard that is integrated inside of the cover. There is also ambient power, as well as the ability to display the iPad controls on the rear of the cover, with the news source saying the device can be propped up on a tabletop with this cover. However, PC World was skeptical about how practical this feature would be.

“This concept is reminiscent of a patent application discovered in 2007 that suggested an upcoming iPod would feature rear-facing controls,” PC World said. “That concept never came to pass, and it seems unlikely this idea would work either. The controls are placed very impractically on the back of the Smart Cover where you can’t see them unless you want to keep spinning around your iPad every time you need to adjust the volume.”

While covers for iPads and other devices can help protect them, impractical features like this could be counterproductive. If you're constantly spinning your iPad around or having to manipulate it in strange ways, it's easy to imagine an accident that leads to a broken device. But if this happens, there's no need to panic – iPad repair professionals have the expertise to get a device up and running again.

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