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There have been many rumors circulating recently on upcoming releases of new products from Apple. With the potential release of the iPhone 5S on the horizon for the coming months and speculation that either an Apple television set or an iWatch could emerge soon, some are looking back on Apple's rich past.

In a recent ConsumerSearch article, senior editor Molly McLaughlin noted that Apple launched its original iPod in October 2001. The original model had a 5 gigabyte hard drive, and the design featured a click-wheel. There were some tech analysts who doubted the iPod's ability to be successful in the market, but  the device was a big hit and Apple still dominates the MP3 player market to this day. Over the years, the original iPod became the iPod classic, and the iPod touch was released in 2007, along with the very first iPhone model.

In a recent Business Insider article, writer Dylan Love outlined ten things that “made the original iPod so awesome:”

  • The iPod eliminated the need to struggle with a CD walkman.
  • Other MP3 players couldn't add up to {match} the iPod's quality.
  • MP3 players that came before the iPod would only store roughly 30 minutes of music, which as Love explained, was barely enough storage space to hold a full album.
  • The original was especially small for the norm at the time.
  • The rotating scroll wheel became infamous as the technology that predated touch capabilities.
  • Music could be transferred much more quickly with the original iPod's FireWire cable.
  • It transformed white earbuds into a symbol that marked iPod users, as all other headset makers typically made black earbuds at the time.
  • The iTunes Music Store reshaped how music was bought.
  • The combination of the iPod and iTunes rescued the music industry from pirates.
  • The iPod took Apple from strictly a computer company to a device company.

“Given the current state and advanced features of mobile devices, it's easy to dismiss the early creations as outdated dinosaurs,” Love wrote. “This is too bad, because when it was first introduced in 2001, the original iPod was really something spectacular. It changed how we listen to music, how we pay for it and the level of capability that could be jammed into a handheld device – six years before the iPhone existed.”

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