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With any device, owners need to consider what they need it for and what kind of protection will be required to keep the hardware running. This can include plans that detail procedures for when an iPhone is dropped or the user has an equipment malfunction with any of the smartphone's components. As more issues continue to stem from battery life capacity, Touch ID functionality and other areas, owners must make sure that they understand the risks and are prepared to handle them. However, according to a recent article by the Associated Press, users should wait until later to sign up for an iPhone warranty in order to get the best offering for their needs.

Although many businesses offer warranties right before mobile owners walk out the door, AP's Ryan Nakashima urged users to wait in order to have more time to shop around for the right coverage at a reasonable price. Although traditional policies will cover factory defects and other issues that weren't caused by you, they will not include accidents or similar events. This type of risk needs an additional plan – accumulating all of the needed insurance can be costly, making more of a case for owners to research the best plans that will fit their needs. Through these warranties, your dropped iPhone will now be covered and repaired at no expense to you.

Nakashima also noted that each plan will contain exceptions to its rules, such as what incidents are covered and when the warranty kicks in. These types of details are extremely important to maintaining hardware and should be looked over with great precision before signing up with a provider.

“Keep in mind that if your product breaks, you might be able to repair it for less than the cost of replacing the product outright,” Nakashima wrote. “Many of these plans do take away the hassles of finding the right repair shop and figuring out whether it makes better sense to repair or replace.”

Planning for iPhone repair needs
Warranties are important for iPhone users, especially as more issues continue to appear in smartphones. CNET noted industry estimates that forecast 175 million iPhone 5s devices being sold in the current fiscal year, which is more than previous forecasts. With these devices becoming more popular, users must consider what cell phone repair shop will suit their needs if they require their hardware to be fixed.

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