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Each new model of iPhone that Apple puts out seems to get better and more durable. However, technology is far from perfect, and problems can still present themselves in any device. A common issue involves the home button not functioning properly.

In a recent Huffington Post article, contributor Jason Gilbert reported that if Apple’s support forums are any indication, home button malfunction is one of the most common problems iPhone users face. Gilbert mentioned there are many tricks to fixing problems, including recalibrating the button, cleaning out the charging port yourself or simply visiting the Apple Store for technical assistance. However, these solutions might not always work, and older devices may no longer have a warranty that guarantees Apple support.

For these situations, Gilbert shared a quick fix that could be good to try: turning on the home button within the touchscreen. To do this, the user should go to Settings, then General, and then Accessibility. There will be an Assistive Touch option, and you can turn it on. A white dot should appear in the top left corner of the device’s screen, which will now serve as your home button.

“It’s a fantastic feature for those who find themselves with a malfunctioning home button, and also seems far safer to use while driving,” Gilbert wrote. “Those who have difficulty with the iPhone’s home or volume buttons – men and women with arthritis, for example – might also find it much easier to navigate their phones with an on-screen button.”

Something else to try
Business Insider’s Dylan Love shared another possible fix for the problem. All you have to do is open up one of the iPhone’s default applications, such as Notes. Then, hold the power button down until the “Slide to power off” dialog screen appears, and at that point, you can release the power button. Finally, press and hold the home button for several seconds until the application quits and closes.

These tricks and solutions may not always work, however, and even when enabling Assistive Touch does work, a user might simply be more comfortable having all the hardware components in working order. In addition, if an error were to surface with an iPhone’s touchscreen, the user could find him or herself out of luck.

If these tricks don’t fix all home button-related issues, iResQ’s iPhone repair services can help get things back to working order in no time.

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