Questions remain about the iPod revamp

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While many may be focusing on the new iPad and the expected release of the next iPhone, the iPod isn't quite gone yet. Although some people may be more interested in sending out their broken device to an iPod repair service, those who are in the market for a new music player may want to consider how the iPod fits in with Apple's other product offerings.

“[[A new, less expensive iPad]] would occupy the same price territory as the iPod Touch, which ranges from $200 to $400,” TechLand said. “If both products have roughly the same cost, what’s the sales pitch for the iPod Touch? Sure, it fits more easily in the pocket than a tablet, but that’s no necessity for the increasing number of people who already own iPhones. One possibility: The starting price of the iPod Touch drops below $200 for the first time ever.”

CNET recently reported that the new Touch could sport a 4-inch display, making it perhaps as big as the iPhone. Those who are happy with their older device can look to iPod repair for their service needs.

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