Protection options available for avoiding kid-related iPad repair

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Small children can provide multiple hazards to tablets, often inflicting damage that requires iPad repair services to get the mobile devices running again. 

Some companies are beginning to cater to parents who don't want to pay for iPad replacement glass or commit to other repairs every time their devices come into contact with the kids. These firms offer items ranging from waterproof materials to extra sturdy cases.

Some companies provide chemical treatments that coat iPads, smartphones and mp3 players and are designed to repel water and other liquids. This kind of protection is particularly relevant in light of a recent SquareTrade survey, in which50 percent of parents reported that their children had damaged an iPad or other mobile device. Of those breakage instances, 33 percent involved drinks or food, with milk as the leading culprit. Boys were found to be 35 percent more likely than girls to have caused a mobile device mishap.

Cases for iPads range from rugged shells capable of withstanding brutal treatment to options offered by well-known makers of toys and other children's products. One case sold by Fisher-Price has teething rings and ergonomic handles that small children can grip. Other manufacturers have plush cases in their product lines.

Protecting iPad screens
The danger of requiring iPad screen repair is a real possibility for anyone who carries devices about with them, but children can dramatically increase the risk of an incident that results in having an iPad replacement glass installed.  The Screen protectors can provide a measure of security against active kids who can otherwise crack through an iPad's Gorilla Glass display. These accessories can limit the possibility of needing an iPad replacement glass by guarding against rough treatment and daily wear and tear, such as damage caused by glare and dirty fingers.

Parents who want to avoid iPad screen repairs have several kinds of display protectors to choose from, as manufacturers offer a variety of different attributes, according to CIO News. The Wrapsol film screen protector costs $40 and can be used with Apple's iPad Smart Cover. The Moshi iVisor is easy to apply, effectively prevents the formation of air bubbles and costs $30. the Zagg Invisible SHIELD utilizes products developed by the military to protect helicopter blades to guard screens for $30 or more.

On occasions when accessories can't protect a device from kids, parents can turn to services like iResQ's iPad repair for help with a range of services. 

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