Protecting the iPad mini from underwater disasters

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The iPad mini is a hit thanks to its small size and reliable performance. However, its smaller size could make it easier to accidentally drop it on the floor or in a pool. Luckily for mini users, there are some steps that can be taken to protect these smaller devices, including a variety of protective cases. Gadget maker LifeProof has designed a new $99 waterproof case, called the LifeProof Frē, specifically for the iPad mini, that could help protect your beloved device from any water damage.

The Frē aims to combine lightness with durability, so that you can maintain the mini's small profile while also keeping it safe. In its review, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) noted that the case, which comes in white/gray and black, is only 0.66 inches at its widest point and weighs just 128 grams, making it a good match for the mini's svelte figure. It has a bumper that wraps around the iPad's frame and a pair of waterproof polycarbonate windows for the front and back faces. There is also a piece of of optical glass to go over the rear-facing camera, according to a review for The New York Times, which means that your underwater pictures will not look overly distorted.

You may have to apply some elbow grease to get this case completely and tightly fastened to your iPad mini. It has seals for the headphone jack and Lightning port, and it is designed to protect the mini against any accidental drops as well. However, it does not claim to be able to protect devices from long-term water exposure. But if you do drop and injure your iPad mini, above or below water, simply bring it to iResQ. Our technicians' expertise in iPad repair will get it back to normal.

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