How To Protect Your Smart Phone Screen From Cracks And Breaks

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Are you one of those people who seems to always be dropping your cell and ending up with a broken screen? Does your phone scream for a replacement too often? If so, then it’s time to start thinking about all the cell phone solutions available to help you stand a better chance of not shattering or cracking your screen. Now, nothing is absolute, and the world isn’t perfect, so there may be a rare occasion that the extension of our arms (you know ~ Androids and iPhones) actually do get broken even with all precautions taken.

Cell Phone Solutions To Protect Your Smart Phone

Bumper Case

When your phone gets dropped, you want something already in place to protect the screen for a rough landing. A bumper case is a much needed phone solution that pads the edges of your cell phone with heavy duty ridges or edging to help absorb the shock of the drop. They are available in nearly every retail store, gas station, and cell phone repair store across the country.

Screen Protectors

Depending on the amount of money you want to spend and your own preference, you can choose from two different types of screen protectors. Plastic and tempered glass screen protectors are available for every smartphone and iPhone on the market. They are the cheapest and simplest way to help keep your phone safe from breaking. They add an extra layer of protection to the smartphone screen glass to help absorb shock when it falls, plus they minimize scratches and dirt.

Basic Screen Protection: Plastic Screen Protectors

A plastic screen protector is the basic offering of extra protection for your cell phone screen. They work to keep dust, scratches, and debris to a minimum. They are easy to put on yourself too. With plastic screen protectors, you should take care to keep air bubbles out of the plastic to keep an invisible and clean look.

Upgraded Screen Protection: Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

The tempered glass screen styles are a step up from the basic plastic screen protector. Tempered glass can withstand much more shock than the basic style in the event the phone is smashed or dropped. With the extra protection, the smart phone can absorb the extra pressure of hard drops.

To Sum It Up

While there is no perfect way to keep your smart phone screen 100% protected from breaking or cracking, there are phone solutions available to seriously prevent the majority of drops from being damaging to your phone. The professionals recommend investing in a tempered screen and heavy-duty bumper case for the best phone protection.


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