Proposed iPad Mini may hurt regular iPad sales

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Whether the iPad Mini comes out still remains to be seen, but one analyst believes that if the smaller Apple tablet is released, it will likely cannibalize sales from competitors and the company itself. However, with options out there for iPad repair, people may not feel the need to buy an iPad Mini, and instead opt to maintain and older version of the tablet.

“We would expect the cannibalization of the current iPad by the 'iPad Mini' to be relatively minor and potentially in a range of just 10-20 percent, while the market opportunity could eventually be larger for the 'iPad Mini' given the growth trends in developing countries,” Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets, wrote in a research note released Thursday, according to PC World.

Even with it taking sales from the iPad, a smaller tablet could be a great move for the company. Bob O'Donnell, IDC's research vice president for clients and displays, told TechNewsWorld that a smaller iPad makes sense, especially for public transportation users. He said it is a great opportunity to extend the company's presence.

No matter which Apple tablet someone owns, iPad repair is there to make sure the device stays in working order well past its warranty.

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