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Samsung Galaxy S3 repair
Do you have a problem that could  be fixed with our Samsung Galaxy S3 repair services?

Are you experiencing some problems with a Samsung Galaxy S3? If so, you’ll be relieved to know you aren’t the only one, and that most problems can be repaired. The following are some of the most common problems we see.


If your Samsung S3 freezes up, it could be a software problem. Turn your phone completely off and then on again. If that doesn’t work, pull the battery and put it back in. Some people say that if they turn off their Wi-Fi and then wait a few minutes before turning it back on, that corrects the problem.

For those who have tried everything and still have problems, they send them in for a Samsung Galaxy S3 repair. Our certified technicians usually find that it’s a fault motherboard that is the problem. Replacing it results the freezing problems.

Dying Battery

If your Galaxy S3 doesn’t have the battery life it used to have, there may be a few things going on. If you have it on standby, that will drain the battery much faster. If you have too many apps running in the background, that could lead to the battery dying too quickly. It could also be Chrome. To resolve that problem, go to Settings and then Developer Tools. Uncheck the Enable Tilt Scrolling, which will save battery life.

While LTE is a good thing to have, it does take up a lot of battery life when LTE is not accessible because it’s always looking for it. If you know you don’t have it in an area, go ahead and switch it off by going to Setting, More Settings, Mobile Networks, and then Network mode. Many people say they see a big difference in battery life this way.

Another option is to disable preinstalled apps. You can do this by going to Setting, Applications Manager, and then choosing All. You can then disable Samsung Account, Samsung Backup, Samsung Apps, and Samsung Cloud Data Relay. There are some others, so if you don’t use them, go ahead and disable those too.

If you’ve done all of these things, and you still can’t get your battery to last as long as it should, you probably need a new battery. Luckily, a battery replacement for a Samsung Galaxy 3S isn’t hard for our certified technicians. They swap the old one with a high quality new one within 24 hours, and send it right back to you.

Galaxy S3 Battery Replacement Service

Sound or Microphone Problems

Some customers report they can’t hear clearly when using their phone and the people they are talking to can’t hear them either. Some say even the sound coming out of the phone isn’t clear. This can be annoying, so we’ve found some possible fixes for you to try.

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth noting that you should check the volume controls. Go to Settings, Accessibility, and then make sure you don’t have “Turn off all sounds” checked. Next, go to the Sound setting and check the volume levels.

If that didn’t work, go to Phone, Menu, Call Settings, and then Additional Settings. You should uncheck the Noise Reduction option. Even though it’s supposed to help with clearer calls, some people say that it’s better when turned off. Go figure!

Finally, take a quick peak at the microphone. Does it look like it has something stuck in it? Try blowing debris out with compressed air.

If you can’t get whatever is stuck in the microphone, it looks damaged, or you can’t get the sound to sound clear even after trying all of these troubleshooting tricks, we can have our certified technicians look at it. They will identify the problem and fix whatever it is. Sometimes, we need to replace the Samsung Galaxy S3 speaker and microphone, and others times, it’s an easier fix. We call all of our customers with an accurate diagnosis once we find the problem and know how much it’s going to cost.

Some of the Samsung Galaxy S3 repair services people order for sound and microphone issues:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Headphone Jack and Loudspeaker Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S3 Volume Button Replacement 

Samsung Galaxy S3 Ear Speaker Replacement

Cracked Screen

You dropped it and the screen cracked. It’s a horrible feeling, but it happens. There’s not much you can do once that happens. Some people try to fix it themselves, and then they end up with a phone all taken apart and no idea how to put it back together. That’s why most people send their Samsung Galaxy S3 to us for a screen repair. We’ll replace the screen with a brand new one, which will make your phone look just the way it did when you bought it. How nice does that sound?

We perform screen repairs on every color!

Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) Screen (LCD and Glass) Repair

Amethyst Purple Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) Screen (LCD and Glass) Repair

Titanium Grey/Gray Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) Screen (LCD and Glass) Repair

Sapphire Black Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) Screen (LCD and Glass) Repair

Amber Brown Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) Screen (LCD and Glass) Repair

Marble White Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) Screen (LCD and Glass) Repair

It Won’t Charge

You plug in the charger, and it won’t charge. Sometimes, it can be the battery, but usually, it’s the dock connector. Some people can see that it is loose, so they know the connector is damaged. Other people can’t see anything wrong with it because it’s the internal connections that have been disconnected.

Our certified technicians can test the connector to see if that is the problem, and if it is, they can simply replace it with a new one. Once they do this, they will put your phone back together and test it to make sure it’s charging again.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) Dock / Charging Connector Repair

Well, that’s about it. We’re sure there are many other issues people have with their Samsung Galaxy S3, but these are the ones we hear the most about. Hopefully, you can fix it with the tips mentioned here, and if not, you know we are here to help you get your phone back to good working order.

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