Problems with the iPhone Battery

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When you start having problems with your iPhone battery, it can be difficult to determine for certain if your phone just needs a cleaning of excess, battery-draining applications or if you require an actual battery replacement. Here are some tips.

Common iPhone Battery Problems

Plenty of things can go wrong with your battery during the time in which you’re using your iPhone. For example, there have currently been many iPhone customers experiencing sudden and mysterious shutdowns, a problem recently found to be connected with the battery of these devices. In addition, people constantly experience issues with a quickly draining battery, an inability for a battery to charge, and numerous other problems. But how can you know if your predicament means you need a new iPhone battery?

How Do I Know I Need a New Battery?

In some cases, a new battery isn’t necessary. You phone might not hold a charge because you keep too many apps open during the day or because your phone hasn’t been “cleaned” in a while. There are a number of articles that will tell you how to get rid of battery-draining and unnecessary information on your phone, as well as several apps that will clean your iPhone for you.

In addition, your phone may not be charging because your lightning connector needs to be replaced or because the charging port in your phone isn’t responding to the charger. However, there are ways to tell that your battery is actually the culprit when it comes to your phone issues.

  • Your phone will only hold a charge for a few minutes or hours before becoming completely drained.
  • Your phone consistently shuts down for seemingly no reason.
  • You have replaced the charger and/or the charging port on your phone, and neither action has made a difference in your battery problems.
  • You have downloaded an app that tells you the health of your battery and it is much lower than it was when you bought your device.

If this describes your situation, it is likely your phone’s battery is the real problem and that you may need to have it replaced so you can continue using your device.


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