The Problem with Phone Repair Kiosks in the Mall

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We’ve all walked passed them—those phone repair kiosks in the mall. The employee is likely drinking coffee or scanning social media accounts on his phone.

Hopefully you’re among those who’ve avoided the services at one of these kiosks. If you’re not, you can surely list several reasons why you’ll never return.

No Experience

In most instances, the employee drinking coffee or playing on his phone is a high school student trying to make a few extra bucks after school. The technician you encounter might be an adult, but not one with the kind of training required to successfully repair your phone. Sadly, when people like these perform your phone repairs, they often wind up doing more harm than good.

Low Quality Parts

That old adage is true. You get what you pay for. And in the case of parts used to fix your phone, nothing could be closer to the truth. These kiosks aren’t manned with skilled technicians to fix your phone and the parts they’re using to do so are of low quality. This means that even if they manage to repair your phone, that repair won’t last very long.

Talk a Good Talk

Face it—we don’t all have the expertise required to perform our own phone repairs. And unfortunately that’s common knowledge. Instead of training their employees to properly fix phones, these kiosk owners spend their time training them to recite some pretty convincing lines. They rattle off the names of phone parts and how the phone manufacturers don’t make them to last. Then they assure you they have exactly what you need to fix your phone. Don’t fall for that. Talk is cheap, and that’s the kind of repair job you’ll receive when falling for the lines these kiosk employees are trying to sell you.

Hanging Out in the Mall

Hanging out in the mall stopped being fun in middle school, so why would you want to spend your valuable time doing that now? That’s exactly what you’ll wind up doing if you opt to have your phone repaired at one of these kiosks. You certainly won’t feel safe about leaving the mall and picking your phone up later.

Do It Right the First Time

Avoid the potential disasters of phone repairs at a mall kiosk by visiting us instead. We employ highly trained technicians who will fix your phone right the first time, using only high quality parts.


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