The Problem with Cheap iPad Repair Services

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When your iPad suffers damage or develops a glitch, you want it fixed and back in working order ASAP. You may be tempted to shop for the cheapest repair shop on Craigslist or go on eBay to look for replacement parts in order to save a few bucks. These repair ideas may sound practical on the surface but could wind up costing you more in the long run.

The iPad is compact and sleek but very complicated on the inside. That’s one reason Apple warns against opening it yourself and doing so can void your warranty. That alone should discourage owners from trying DIY repairs but many still try—often with disastrous results.

Maybe you know how to change the oil in your car or replace the wiper blades, but that doesn’t mean you can rebuild your engine in the garage over the weekend. Auto engines are complicated and so are the innards of tech devices, which is why you need an experienced, trained professional for major repairs.

Once you have realized that trying to fix that iPad on your own isn’t such a great idea, next you may try a cheap iPad repair service that you found on Craigslist or another not-so-reliable source. You trust them with your iPad and it runs fine when you get it back—for a week or a month maybe, then either the old problem comes back or the tablet develops a new one. So you call or email the place that worked on it and they tell you that they don’t guarantee their repairs, which nobody mentioned the first time you brought it in.

Most likely, that cheap iPad repair service is able to charge the lowest prices for their work because they use low-grade, inferior parts. Patronizing one of these places can cost you more in the long run because no only are you paying them for the initial repairs that were not done properly, you’ll have to pay more to get the work done correctly somewhere else.

At iResQ, they see the results of shoddy repairs constantly, work that was done by a cheap iPad repair service using low quality parts. Whatever goes wrong with your iPad and no matter what damage may have been done to the device by inferior repair work, the experienced technicians at iResQ can get your tablet fixed the right way.

Forget those cheap iPad repair services and turn to iResQ for fast, dependable service by certified professionals. You can be sure that all work will be done with brand new, high quality parts and your satisfaction is guaranteed because all repairs come with a 90-day warranty and 30-day refund policy. For a fast, free diagnostic quote, just go to or call 888-447-3728 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday. Save money by getting your iPad repairs done right the first time!

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