Pricey iPhone X Repair Keeps People from Switching

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If you’re thinking about buying the new iPhone X, you need to carefully consider the costs before you take that leap. Yes, “costs” is the correct word, as you’ll endure a few should your new phone break after you purchase it. Those costs aren’t nominal ones either. In fact, they add up to fairly big bucks rather quickly—and that’s on top of the $999 you shell out initially to purchase your new phone.

Obviously if you’re going to spend just a shade under a thousand dollars for a new smartphone, you’re completely off your rocker if you don’t insure it. Just replacing the screen alone is a pretty penny. If more than the screen breaks, you could go broke rather quickly.

According to a recent report, breaking your iPhone X will cost you more than any other iPhone repair in history. Apple urges iPhone X customers to buy AppleCare+ at a cost of $199. It is basically a two-year extended warranty that protects against just two incidents of accidental breakage. For example, if screen repair is one of your two incidents, the repair will cost you $29 on top of the amount you paid for AppleCare+. The second damage incident will cost you an additional $99.

This has many consumers balking at the cost of the repairs, because they’ve already shelled out almost $200 for the AppleCare+. After all, what if nothing ever happens to their iPhone X? Then they’ll have essentially wasted $199.

The odds, however, aren’t in the consumer’s favor. No matter how delicately you treat your iPhone X, you still run a high risk of dropping it. Sure, you can continue to use it if the crack is in an obscure spot, like a corner. But if it’s substantial, the phone is toast. Just imagine how much this kind of repair might cost without the insurance from Apple. And if other repairs cost an additional $99 on top of the insurance cost, they would no doubt be pricey without it.

Of course there’s the theory that if people can afford to pay $1000 for a smartphone, they can likely pay for the repairs as well. That isn’t necessarily true. Often times people who can’t really afford the latest and greatest iPhones are the ones who scrimp and save until they can buy them. Such costs on repairs wouldn’t even be a consideration.

Keeping this in mind, it’s easy to understand why many consumers are opting not to make the switch to the iPhone X. It will be interesting to learn how many are sold during this year’s holiday season.

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