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When you get a brand new device, you'll likely want to play around with it and explore its features all day in order to set it up to your preferences. However, this can cause the battery to get extremely low in a matter of a few hours, especially when using apps or video that eat up a lot of power. While charging the device can be relatively painless, some products have been known to reject the supplied cords or simply not detect that they're present. In order to mitigate this, you need to choose the right charger to suit the hardware.

For some users, an iPhone not charging has become a normal routine, but this may be no fault of the device itself. According to The Telegraph, upon upgrading to iOS 7, some iPhone 5 models wouldn't accept Apple approved leads and would not charge. While you could dismiss the warning messages and find other workarounds, seeking support or investing in Apple's approved accessories will be the ultimate solution to this dilemma. This type of issue can be devastating to mobile users due to the fact that without being able to charge, the device will soon lose power completely, and will need to wait until the problem is resolved.

Deciding on a charger
Apple carries an array of charging choices for its products from standard cables to docking stations. However, in order to choose the right charger, owners must consider the voltage, power and current needed to deliver energy to the device, according to Wired writer Christina Bonnington. Tablets will take longer to recover due to their battery size, whereas smartphones may charge faster using a tablet cable because it delivers power at a quicker rate. Being aware of logo standards and manufacturer labels can also help determine if a charger can be trusted.

Wireless platforms have also become more popular recently as these devices can power smartphones from any location without needing a bunch of cords. Apple Insider recommended iQi Mobile or Duracell Powermat for wireless charging. Both of these solutions are popping up in airports as charging hot spots. The Powermat, specifically, is more commercial than Qi, which has a third-party market.

Charging has been a consistent problem for many mobile devices, especially iPhones. For all of your iPhone repair needs, contact iResQ today.

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