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While smartphones do make life nowadays incredibly easy, many people still find ways to complain about their devices. Some may be minor everyday annoyances and some could be much worse and require repair. But what are the problems that most users find in their phones? International Business Times listed top smartphone issues plaguing each device, according to a recent industry survey.

For iPhone 5S owners, they most often complained about battery life issues, which are fairly common on any mobile device. The new fingerprint sensor was number two on the list followed by the size of the phone's display. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 owners' top problem was overheating, especially after being used for a long time. These users also complained about a short charge and still others complained about a dark screen. While many of these issues are extremely common and might not require repair, if they are consistently an issue, owners may need to seek out a cell phone repair service.

Other problems might require immediate repair. The Telegraph contributor Rick Maybury recently answered a reader question about a flickering iPhone 4 screen that he said should be repaired.

According to the reader, the phone was experiencing horizontals lines flickering across it “rather like interference on old televisions,” after updating to iOS 7. Even after resetting the phone back to factory settings and reinstalling the operating system, the phone continued to flicker.

Maybury believed the problem not to be an issue with the update, but with a faulty display. He suggested repairing it for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Not only that, he suggested sending it to an iPhone repair shop to have it done by professionals rather than trying to do it yourself, which could lead to even more issues.

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