Pin away: New Pinterest app out for iPad

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Pinterest is one of the most popular new social media websites, and those who love their Apple tablets can now get in on the fun, according to CNN Tech. If your device is broken, now's the time to get iPad repair and more easily pin your hobbies, recipes and photos.

The company has already provided users an iPhone app, but iPad users will be stoked about their own version, the news source said.

“The iPad also got its own Pinterest app, a speedy experience with some nice new user interface touches,” CNN Tech said. “Swiping to one side brings up the list of categories, the other direction flips through the layers of pins you've opened. There's an embedded browser in the iPad version of the app. Double clicking on a product such as a pair of shoes will take you to the brand's site within the Pinterest app, and you can then see what other product users have pinned from the same company.”

Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp said the new apps are a “different kind of browsing experience,” which should be exciting for social media lovers.

For those with a broken screen, malfunctioning home button or any other problem that would affect the Pinterest experience, there is iPad repair from iResQ to get the device back in working order once again. Users can then start pinning away at their leisure.

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