Pictures surface showing possible next-gen iPhone design

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Photos recently hit the web showing what the internal structure of the headphone jack and earpiece for the upcoming next generation of the iPhone might possibly look like.

The sixth generation iPhone parts suggest the device may have a much different internal design, according to Appleinsider, as the headphone jack is attached to the earpiece and Wi-Fi components of the device.

“That's a major departure from the current design of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, in which the headphone jack is included on a component with the handset's volume buttons and mute switch, all of which are located in the upper left corner of the device,” according to the news source.

Speculation and rumors tend to swirl for months between Apple product releases, helping to build excitement for the company's latest offerings. Although the new phone may be an attractive option for many, for those who already have the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, making the upgrade to the new model may not be within their budgets. Even if their device were to break after the next-gen phone releases, it will likely still be more affordable for them to seek out iPhone repair assistance rather than spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new device.

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