When Your Phone Won’t Charge: Get a Lightning Connector Replacement

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It has happened to all of us: you plug in your phone to charge and it just… won’t. You tell yourself it’s probably the outlet, and you try plugging it in at different spots, even into your computer. But when you try to charge your phone everywhere you can think of and it still won’t come back to life, you may need to get your lightning connector itself replaced.

Why Should I Get My Lightning Connector Replaced?

If your phone won’t charge anywhere––no matter what outlet or computer you plug it into––it’s likely your charger’s lightning connector that is the culprit. This is the 8-pin connector that is on the smaller side of your charger cable, the one you plug into your phone. This little device is sturdy but can break down just like any other important connector, and there’s a real possibility you’ll need a replacement if your phone won’t charge.

Having your lightning connector replaced is much easier and cheaper than having the charging port in your phone replaced, which is why we suggest looking into this option before you consider if it might be your phone itself. Many times, the lightning connector is the issue and it doesn’t take much effort at all to fix the problem: the connector––or the entire charging cord itself––just needs to be replaced instead of something more expensive like your phone’s charging port.

We Can Replace Your Lightning Connector

We have plenty of lightning cables in stock that you can purchase for a minimal price in order to get your phone charging again. When you bring us an issue, the diagnostic itself is free, so we can determine if your only problem is needing a new lightning cable and then sell you another one for a nominal fee. Trust us, it’s best to find out if your only issue is the cable itself rather than attempting to monkey around with your phone and, potentially, make problems a whole lot worse.

Having Problems With Your Phone?

Don’t try to fix it at home via an unreliable life hack: let our team of professionals take a look at your device and determine the issue. Then you can decide if you’d like us to draw up a payment plan and begin fixing your phone or just sell you a new connector. Call today to learn more about your options.

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