Pets boost iPhone repair needs

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Teachers never buy the classic “my dog ate my homework” excuse, but they should if students use an iPad or iPhone to complete coursework. Dogs and cats may be wonderful, but they're also smartphone killers.

According to a recent report from extended warranty provider SquareTrade, common house pets have destroyed 8 million smart devices in the United States, with related damages totaling approximately $3 billion. Of the items affected, about one-third of them were smartphones, ZDNet reported.

As for the most common types of incidents, about 67 percent of them were because a pet chewed on the device. In addition, approximately 16 percent of those who have a cat or a dog said that their beloved pet urinated or vomited on their smart device.

When it comes to who is most likely to have their iPhone or iPad trashed by a pet, SquareTrade found that it all depends on a few key factors:

  • Dogs are twice as likely as cats to destroy a device
  • Overweight pets cause 72 percent more accidents than at-weight and underweight ones
  • Gender matters, as male pets cause twice as much damage as female ones
  • Pets that sleep with their owners cause three times as many accidents
  • About two-thirds of all incidents occur when humans are not home
  • Pets that sit on their owner's lap cause 2.5 times more damage than others, which is disheartening news since about 25 percent of dog owners reported doing this

“Using an $800 smartphone as a chew toy is a pricey slip-up, not to mention it's the device most of us can't live without,” SquareTrade CMO Ty Shay said, according to ZDNet.

Even though pet-related iPhone and iPad risks are high, many owners seem oblivious to them. The report found that about three-fourths of those whose mobile device is destroyed have no insurance or back-up plan in place. If your dog or cat destroys your mobile device for any reason, know that iResQ's iPhone repair and iPad repair services will get it fixed and working again in no time at all.

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