People on the edge of their seat for new iPhone

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With a new iPhone coming soon from Apple, it seems customers are starting to wait for the new phone instead of buying something like the “old” iPhone 4S. For those who don't want to wait for the new smartphone but still want to use their previous and perhaps broken device, take a look at what iPhone repair can do.

Bloomberg is reporting that with the new iPhone model coming in October, analysts are saying that the iPhone is sliding in the fiscal third quarter from previous quarters. One analyst is saying that the iPhone will sell about 25.4 million in the third quarter compared with 35.1 million in the previous quarter.

“Customers are increasingly tech-savvy and they want to have the latest and greatest,” said Anthony Scarsella, the chief gadget officer at, who added that people wind down trading in their iPhones about four to six months before the release of a new device. “It’s something we definitely see year after year.”

According to 451 Research, demand for this new iPhone is high. About 14 percent said they are “very likely” to buy the upcoming iPhone compared with 10 percent who said the same of the iPhone 4S. For those who still have their old device, iPhone repair is available to get it back up and running.

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