People all over the world line up to buy iPhone 5

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The morning of September 21 marked the release of the iPhone 5, and, from Sydney to Tokyo to New York, people were excited to get their hands on the new device.

Multiple news sources covering the lines outside stores like New York’s Fifth Avenue flagship and Tokyo’s Ginza district location noted an excited atmosphere, as Apple’s diehard fans were swapping stories from past product launches or just taking in the scene.

“It's not really just buying the phone; it's just enjoying the party, really,” Tokyo resident Taiyo Nakashima told CNN.

TechCrunch observed that many of the people in line were Apple enthusiasts who regularly attended these launches. Many remembered the rainy night of waiting for the iPad 2 in New York.

The conditions in New York waiting for the iPhone 5 were reportedly cold, and TV crews were out in force to catch the moment the store opened its doors. Not all those on the scene were caught up in the mania, however.

“I can definitely say that it is a tad too much for just a phone,” wrote TechCrunch’s Romain Dillet.

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