OS X Mavericks: What it means for a MacBook

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MacBook owners often get excited over an announcement regarding a newer operating system. The latest from Apple, OS X Mavericks, is set to be released in the near future, causing many to wonder what the new features will be. ITechPost contributor James Geddes recently updated to a Golden Master of the new OS to test it out, finding five things that he liked with Mavericks.

One cool new feature was the update to Finder. It allows users to organize their files and programs more easily by adding tabs to the application and improving the way owners click and drag icons in the program. Battery life was also improved with the new operating system, as it cuts off processing power to applications that aren't in use but still in the background.

Mavericks will also include two applications that weren't available in previous Apple operating systems. One is iBooks, which will allow users to access materials purchased from the iTunes store and read them like they would on an iPad or iPhone. Also included will be Apple Maps, which was recently upgraded on the iOS7 for the iPhone. This application will allow MacBook owners to use the same tool, including the flyover feature.

Many will find the usability to be much like that of the new iPhone operating systems, as some of the same features are included in both.

Developers must test apps on new system
Because the system will be released soon, Apple sent out a note to application developers to make sure that they test the apps out on Mavericks before resending them to the App Store, reported IDG News Service.

Developers have been able to use the Golden Master of the system since the beginning of October, and the Apple notice stating they want applications tested means that the finished Mavericks will be released soon. According to Tech Crunch's Matthew Panzarino, that could be as early as Apple's October 22 pre-holidays event.

“Generally, Apple does not start allowing developers to submit apps that are compatible with new versions of its operating systems until they're ready to ship,” wrote Panzarino.

The goal of the testing is to make sure that everything goes swimmingly with the switch to the new operating system, so MacBook owners won't get frustrated by glitches in apps that don't work on Mavericks.

If your MacBook has any issues with the switch to the operating system or is in need of repair, send it to iResQ, where their experts handle all types of MacBook repair.

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