Operation Breakthrough, iResQ, and WISE Join Forces to Empower Kansas City’s Youth

Operation Breakthrough

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Operation Breakthrough, iResQ, and WISE that promises to make a significant impact on the youth of Kansas City. This collaboration is set to empower students with valuable technical skills, opening doors to future career opportunities and fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-reliance.

A Powerful Alliance

Operation Breakthrough students were able to to pick the brains of iResQ’s top technicians to learn more about what their jobs look like, what level of education they have, biggest accomplishments, and much much more!

Operation Breakthrough is a nationally accredited, non-profit that has been helping Kansas City families since it began in 1971. With a mission to break the cycle of poverty through quality education, health, and wellness services, Operation Breakthrough is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to children and families in need.

iResQ, known for its top-tier electronics repair services, brings a wealth of technical expertise and a strong commitment to community involvement. As a WISE Authorized Training Administrator, iResQ is perfectly positioned to offer specialized training and certification programs.

WISE (Wireless Industry Service Excellence) Certification sets the standard for training and certifying technicians in the wireless and device repair industry. Their certification programs ensure that individuals possess the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in device repair.

Ignition Lab Summer Program

At the heart of this partnership is Operation Breakthrough’s Ignition Lab, designed to ignite curiosity and provide hands-on learning experiences for students. This summer, the Ignition Lab will offer a unique opportunity for students to gain practical skills in diagnosing and repairing Chromebook devices.

Training and Certification

WISE Certification
Karita officially received her WISE Chromebook Level 1 and 2 certifications earned through the training provided at iResQ

Karita M., an Operation Breakthrough teacher and accomplished technician recently trained and certified by iResQ, will lead the computer repair class for Ignition Lab students. Her expertise and passion for teaching will be instrumental in guiding students through the intricacies of Chromebook repair.





Under Karita’s mentorship, students enrolled in this Ignite Lab program will learn to:

  • Diagnose common Chromebook issues
  • Perform repairs using industry-standard tools and techniques
  • Understand the importance of precision and attention to detail in technical work
  • Learn about the business aspects of operating a repair shop
  • Practice and hone interview skills to further prepare them for entering the workforce

At the conclusion of the training, students will be tested on their knowledge and skills at the iResQ facility. Those who pass the exam will receive their WISE Chromebook Level 1 and 2 certifications, valuable credentials that can pave the way for future employment opportunities in the tech industry.

Impact on the Community

Operation Breakthrough students were able to ask questions and gain insight into what goes in to running iResQ.

This partnership is more than just a training program; it’s a pathway to a brighter future for Kansas City’s youth. By equipping students with tangible skills and certifications, Operation Breakthrough, iResQ, and WISE are investing in the community’s future leaders and innovators.

The collaboration addresses critical community needs by:

  • Providing access to high-quality technical education
  • Offering career-building opportunities for underserved youth
  • Strengthening the local workforce with certified technicians

Join Us in Making a Difference with Operation Breakthrough

Operation Breakthrough

The partnership between Operation Breakthrough, iResQ, and WISE Certification marks a significant milestone in community collaboration and youth empowerment. Together, we are fostering a culture of learning, skill development, and achievement that will resonate throughout Kansas City for years to come.

Join us in celebrating this partnership and supporting the incredible students of Operation Breakthrough as they embark on this transformative journey. We invite you to learn more about Operation Breakthrough and find out how you can get involved. Whether through donations, volunteering, or simply spreading the word, your support can help make a lasting impact on the lives of children and families in Kansas City.

At iResQ, we are proud to partner with such an incredible organization and look forward to seeing the positive changes we can make together. Let’s work hand-in-hand to build a brighter future for the next generation.

For more information about Operation Breakthrough and how you can help, visit their website here.

Together, we can create a community where every child has the opportunity to thrive.

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