One in five need tablet repairs

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Have a brand new iPad or other tablet? Well, you could be the one of five that needs iPad repair services. Recent research by Endsleigh Insurance found that 20 percent of U.K. people surveyed have broken their tablets, Broadway World reported.

According to their survey, the top way to break one of these devices is by dropping it, as 35 percent of people who had a cracked iPad screen did so by having it fall out of their hands. This was followed by getting water on it at 27 percent, and letting children play with tablets at 19 percent.

Endsleigh offered some advice on how to protect tablets. Owners should buy a case that is sturdy to protect against mishandling and keep liquids as far away from the devices as possible to ensure that it is safe.

Businesses have also been having difficulty with tablets in the workplace. IDG News Services reported that a recent Panasonic survey found that around half of the U.K. companies that responded have had device failure within the last two years.

Forty-one percent of respondents reported that the tablet had just stopped working on them. The most likely causes of these failures are batteries, touchscreen issues and broken or cracked devices. This has led many companies to search for cheap tablet repair services so that the cost of fixing these devices doesn't kill their investment.

“British businesses are currently paying a very high price for the convenience of using tablets in the workplace, including expensive total cost of ownership and costly worker downtime,” said Panasonic marketing director, Jan Kaempfer.

Should an iPad or tablet owner need repair services, send the device to iResQ, where expert technicians can take care of all repairs needed.

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