One easy trick to clean up your desktop

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You may have noticed that somehow, despite all your best intentions to stay organized, your desktop keeps filling up with clutter (if not, good for you!). Not only does having all these files on your desktop make them hard to sort, but they can slow down your Mac’s processing speeds.

MacWorld columnist Christopher Breen recently pointed out an easy automated process to solve the problem. To do this, just create a workflow in Automator that’s configured to where “Service Receives No Input in Any Application.” Then under Files and Folders, choose the Actions called Get Specified Finder Items, Get Folder Contents and Move Finder Items, in that order. Under the first one, click the Add button and select Desktop as a an option.

Create a new folder where you want to store your stuff and select that under Add for the Move Finder Items process. Finally, name it and use it by going to Finder and then Services.

Another way to speed up performance could be to uninstall certain applications and processes. CNET’s Matt Elliott recommended an app called Onyx that helps clear cached items automatically.

If your MacBook is running slowly, it’s also possible it is facing a more serious problem. With free diagnostics and MacBook repair from iResQ, it’s easy to figure out what’s wrong and get it fixed quickly.

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