On the road with an iPad mini

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Not only can iPad mini users rely on their tablets to read “On the Road,” but, as some car tech enthusiasts have shown, it’s possible to put the device to actual use in a vehicle.

With the iPad mini’s large range of functions – which include navigation, music and video playback and more apps – fans of the device almost immediately noted its potential in a car dash. Shortly after its dimensions were announced, Jalopnik writer Jason Torchinsky observed that the iPad mini would fit perfectly in the dashboard area where radios and stereo equipment are usually housed.

“I'm predicting there will be a number of in-dash dock solutions soon to easily place an iPad Mini in your dash, and remove it easily,” he wrote, adding that innovators could potentially figure out ways to connect the device to car inputs such as a rearview camera and that custom car technicians could probably install iPad minis directly into the dashboard without a dock.

Torchinsky was not far off the mark, as car audio specialists at Soundwaves of Tampa installed an iPad mini in a 2012 Toyota Corolla custom dashboard within hours of the device’s release, according to 9to5mac.com. As the iPad mini picks up steam, more customizations should inevitably follow.

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