Older MacBook Airs could have faulty SSDs

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Those who have earlier editions of the MacBook Air might be in need of MacBook repair soon. Apple has discovered an issue with solid-state drives in older iterations of the Air that could result in data loss, ITProPortal contributor Chloe Albanesius reported.

The problem is occurring in devices sold between June, 2012 and June, 2013, and is affecting both the 64 and 128GB models. Before bringing it in for repairs, the company suggested that users back up data on another drive so as not to lose any important information.

“You will be able to reinstall the operating system version that shipped with your product by going to the Mac App Store,” Apple said in a statement. “Any other applications or other data should be restored from the backup that you made before the replacement.”

Air users are able to test to see if their device has the problem through a software program offered by Apple, according to The Guardian. The program will pop-up inthe app store when choosing the “Updates” tab if the computer has the glitch. If not, the drive is fine. Users should then run test software, which will indicate if their MacBook Air has a potential data-loss problem or not.

Because of the difficulty of replacing the solid-state drives, Apple is urging those affected to take their computers into the nearest Apple repair shop to get the problem fixed. The company will be replacing the drives for free and taking care of any other repair costs.

If a user is having issues with their MacBook Air or needs any type of repair, they should send their device into iResQ, whose expert technicians can take care of any MacBook repair.

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