Why It’s Not Worth Getting the New Samsung Note and iPhone

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Yes, the world is buzzing with the word about the new iPhone being released and the Note nearly being in every Android lover’s hand. But there’s a problem, and we wanted to share it with you.

The newest phones that are coming out aren’t going to be as easy to repair. We’re not saying our awesome technicians won’t be able to repair them because we’ve been able to fix some of the most difficult to repair devices, but what we’re saying is that the difficulty of the repair should be considered.

Manufacturers want to make the phone as hard as possible to repair because if you break it, there’s a higher chance you’ll run out to buy a new one. Yes, that means spending another grand on a shiny, new phone that may exactly like the one that you already had before it broke.

We don’t think that’s worth it. Do you?

So, as much as you want to buy a new phone, consider that if something happens to it, you may end up with a hefty financial burden. We’re not sure about the repair situation just yet, but we’re anticipating that someday they will find a way to keep our tech’s and everyone else’s fingers out of them. It just makes sense for business.

An Alternative to Buying a New One

The alternative to buying a new one is to simply keep the one you have and have it repaired. You’re already used to it, and it likely works fine for you. You know you’ve grown an attachment to it and don’t want to let go, right?

The other option is to purchase an older model and when that breaks, at least you know you can get it repaired. Our techs are highly experienced and skilled at fixing all the older models of devices. The perk is that they don’t cost as much as the newer ones will to repair.

Think about it…and proceed cautiously.

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