No respect at all: The iPod still a money maker

iPod /

The iPad, MacBook, iMac and iPhone have been the dominant Apple devices over the past few years, but don't forget the iPod, says CNNMoney.

“You might think that after tracking them for nearly a dozen years, the analysts who follow Apple would have a better handle on the company's quarterly iPod sales,” the news source said. “But Apple analysts tend to focus on the product lines that are still growing like gangbusters – chiefly the iPad and the iPhone – and they offer iPod estimates almost as an afterthought.”

The iPod sales numbers ranged from low estimates of 5 million to higher estimates of 7.5 million, the news source said. The consensus among analysts was about 6.38 million, a pretty good sales mark for a device that most people seem to have forgotten about.

While the iPod classics are in shorter supply, they can still be fixed with iPod repair. For now, the company is focusing on new iPod Nanos, iPod Touches and other devices that will play MP3s and videos for users but have no phone functionality. These devices are still big sellers for the company, so analysts and shoppers alike should show a little respect!

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