Next generation MacBook should have fancy new features

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Although the latest MacBook Pros have yet to be released – the expected release date is sometime in October – there is still plenty of excitement over the new features that are likely to be on them. Even though some features haven't officially been announced yet, International Business Times believed the newest version of the MacBook Air should provide plenty of clues.

IBT listed three features of the new MacBook Air devices that  could be in the newest versions of the Pro:

  • Extended battery life: MacBook Air now gets up to 12 hours of battery life, which is between 70 and 80 percent improvement over last year's model. This type of improvement should be expected in the newest models of the Pro.
  • Speedy Wi-Fi: Air came with the 802.11ac Wi-Fi, the new standard which gives users speedier connectivity, and reports have already stated that the Pro should also have the same configuration
  • Faster storage units: The Air has a PCIe storage unit that promises better performance. Reports have that same storage unit on the MacBook Pro, with the possibility of seeing a Fusion drive

Another article on International Business Times stated that there are even more features that MacBook Pro users should be on the lookout for when the new versions are launched. Most importantly will be the Intel Haswell processor chip, which will speed up computer performance by 60 percent. Another Intel product, the Iris Pro 5200, will provide better graphics, something that gamers are sure to be pleased about. 

Also in the mix is the new OS X Mavericks, which gives users the ability to use multiple monitors better and more user features for Finder, Safari, Maps and more. Other smaller features include Thunderbolt 2 and 4K screen display. If you encounter any problems with your new MacBook, such as a bad battery or screen, be sure to turn to iResQ for all MacBook repair services.

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