New Year’s Resolution: Clean your Macbook

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As you make your resolution to be healthier and more organized in the new year, don't forget that your Mac products might need a dash of reinvigoration as well. To start 2013 on the right foot, consider cleaning out some of the grime and dust your laptop acquired in 2012.

To avoid damaging your Macbook while cleaning it, Apple recommends turning it off and disconnecting it from any external power sources. Additionally, the computer should be cleaned with a lint-free cloth and kept clear of liquids. Aerosol sprays, solvents and abrasives should not be used, and cleaners should not be sprayed onto the device.

A recent Macworld article recommended beginning the cleaning process with the keyboard, which gathers germs, sweat, dust and other debris. You can blow out or vacuum the dust between the keys and clean them with a disinfectant wipe. The alcohol in these wipes evaporates quickly, so there is no risk of liquid damaging the keyboard. To better protect the keyboard in the future, consider investing in a keyboard protector.

Macworld noted that, while there are a number of monitor wipes available, following Apple's advice of using a slightly damp, lint-free cloth is usually adequate for cleaning a screen. If the screen has dust between the glass cover and the display, or if it is cracked, it's easy to get it in working order and looking good again. By using iResQ's Macbook repair service, any larger laptop overhaul is no problem at all.

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