New solar charger available for iPhone 4 and Galaxy S3

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​Smartphone battery life has been an issue ever since these devices became available to users, many of whom often complaine of charges draining too quickly. A new power case could help resolve that issue. Tree Hugger's Derek Markham recently reported on the release of the EnerPlex Surfr series, solar cases that allow users of the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S3 to harness the power of the sun to charge their phones.

The charger attaches to a device like a normal phone case but has a solar panel back that not only provides a backup power source, but also improves battery life over the course of the day.

Both cases have batteries that are similar in charge to the devices that they attach to, which doubles the battery life instantaneously. These cases can be charged either by the solar panels or through a power outlet, offering mobile users plenty of options when it comes to replenishing battery life. The cases currently sell for $70.

According to International Venture Capital Post, Walmart recently agreed to offer Ascent's EnerPlex product line for purchase online. 

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