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The new Samsung Galaxy S5 has hit the market, as well as a host of Gear wearable devices, according to InformationWeek. Both products are sure to garner significant attention from the public, and initial reviews suggest both devices live up to the hype they generated. As with all new technology, little kinks are likely to arise, but that's nothing a Samsung repair center can't fix.   

Galaxy S5 opens with new features, good reviews
The S5 is an innovative continuation of the S4, which was released last year, InformationWeek reported. The S5 – which sells for $200 and is available in stores across the world – does  introduce one major distinguishing feature from its predecessors: water resistance. Take your S5 to the beach or the swimming pool without having to worry about drippage sending you to a cell phone repair shop. This development is sure to attract more enthusiasts in the approaching summer months, with beach weather rapidly descending.

The device's screen is 5.1 inches of full HD, and users have the option of selecting either a 16GB or 32GB model. It also has a cool feature wherein it can harness Wi-Fi and LTE to speed up user file downloads, but unfortunately that option will only be available for T-Mobile customers, since others – like Verizon and Sprint – have chosen not to run the technology. Within mobile camera technology there is a broad move toward what is called “Ultra HD,” and this phone is no exception. The S5 lens is able to record crystal-clear 4K video, making it an appealing option for anyone who uses their phone's camera (which should be just about everyone).

A review published by Laptop Magazine raved about the S5's water resistance technology as well as the clarity of its display.

“The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an excellent Android phone that combines a near-perfect display, powerful camera and unique fitness features in a water-resistant design,” the review stated.

According to CNN Money, the fitness features the review refers to include a heartbeat sensor and health tracking options, making the phone a great gym companion. Just be sure to not leave your brand new S5 lying right next to the treadmill or you may find it shattered under another gym​-goer's foot, at which point you'll need a Samsung repair.

Gear Fit devices expand on tech's devotion to fitness tracking
If you're a big workout person, news of the S5 isn't the only exciting Samsung development for you. In addition to the S5 release, the company also debuted a new Gear Fit band, which according to The Telegraph offers a sleek option for tracking fitness. The band – whose 1.84-inch screen slides easily around your wrist – monitors your heart rate, controls your music and tracks your progress. Basically, it's the ultimate galvanizing instrument to get you out of the house and running through the beautiful spring air.

With both of these devices, it may be tempting to bring them everywhere. And that's just fine, as long as you take good care of them. Otherwise, a Samsung repair is in your future. 

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