New sales records set for iPads

General Knowledge

In the seven years since the first iPhone was introduced, Apple is still managing to outdo itself.

According to IGN, iPad sales reached 26 million units in the first quarter of 2014. This figure represents a new sales record which helped contribute to more than $57.6 billion in total revenue. Numbers for the iPhone were similar, as well as record-breaking in their own right – 51 million units were reported sold. 

But despite overtaking their old records, Apple actually performed slightly less well this quarter than analysts predicted that they would. According to Macworld contributor Ashleigh Allsopp, the computer giant was predicted to post revenue numbers closer to $58.1 billion. That being said, the actual figures should not be considered unimpressive in comparison – Apple sales are still up from 2013.

“Analysts predicted earnings of $14.36 per share, and Apple managed to top that in the quarter with an official figure of $14.50 per diluted share,” Allsopp said. “Apple has reported a negative earnings growth for three quarters in a row, so the growth this quarter is great news for the company.”

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