New Reading Rainbow app comes to the iPad

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Parents probably remember the show Reading Rainbow from their younger days. It was a children's show designed to get kids reading books and was hosted by LeVar Burton. Now, MSNBC reports that Burton is back for an iPad version of the show. Parents who have a broken tablet lying around may want to send it in for iPad repair so they can take start using this educational app with their children.

“The app is geared toward kids ages 3-9, with content for pre-readers through elementary school,” the news source said.”The books are easily grouped into themed islands like Animal Kingdom, My Family and Genius Academy, and audio storytelling is available so kids can listen along. The book pages are designed with subtle animations so they don’t distract from the stories, but make them a little more entertaining.”

The app offers reading recommendations and tracks reading progress as well, making it a great learning tool for children. Parents can subscribe to it for either a month or six months at a time.

The iTunes Store said the app features 150 interactive books, 16 video clips and a reward program. With this app as well as the numerous other learning apps at their fingertips, parents may finally have the incentive they need to ship their broken tablets out for iPad repair. 

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