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Apple recently rolled out its new line of MacBook Pros, including the 13-inch version with the Intel Haswell processor. Also announced was the availability of the new Mavericks OS X for the company's computers. Because of one or the other, though, many owners have had issues with their screens locking up, CNET contributor Lance Whitney reported.

New MacBook users have been taking to the forums to voice their issues. The keyboard or trackpad sometimes won't respond to inputs, which eventually locks up the entire system, forcing a reboot. Some have reported seeing an error message during the freeze that states that either the keyboard or trackpad has caused a wake.

The cause of the freeze is still unknown and their are no known complete fixes. Some are suggesting that it is the new Mavericks OS that isn't working right with the upgraded processor. Others are blaming the Haswell chip for the issues. Switching back to the Mountain Lion operating system appears to fix the issue and may be a viable solution until Apple figures out the problem with the Pros running Mavericks.

Quick fixes for freezing issue
While Apple is probably busy fixing the screen freeze bug, there are ways to mitigate the issue as much as possible. Gotta Be Mobile contributor Josh Smith offered some solutions for those looking to keep Mavericks running.

One way owners can fix the issue is by putting the computer to sleep for 5-10 minutes. Users should then be able to flip open the MacBook and the trackpad and keyboard will be working once again. Smith stated that although this may cost time, it could be a way to save progress on processes such as creating a document.

Apple also suggested doing a reset on the System Management Controller. Some have found that this restores the system for a while. Other advice includes running a hardware test, reinstalling a clean OS X or waiting for a Mavericks update to be released. Its important to point out that these issues are only occurring on the latest Pros.

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