New MacBook not friendly for DIY repair

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Here's a good reason to send your current device in for MacBook repair instead of going with the new Retina display version if you're a do-it-yourselfer: Replacing the battery on the new version yourself is all but impossible, according to one company.

The source described a number of factors that make the Retina MacBook Pro a beast to repair if you're not a professional. The device uses special screws, expensive components and a lot of glue. When it comes to battery replacement, the process involves 45 steps (with substeps) and could put you in danger.

“While it's possible to remove the battery, chances are high that it will be punctured in the process,” a technician who looked at these devices wrote in an email to Computerworld. “Puncturing Lithium-polymer batteries releases noxious fumes and can cause fires.”

Instead of endangering yourself, you can send a Retina MacBook Pro to iResQ for MacBook repair to get it up and running again. Whether it's a battery replacement, a cracked screen or a different issue, professional technicians can get your computer back in working order, sparing you exposure to noxious fumes or any other hazards.

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