New MacBook could help power three other monitors

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The new 15-inch MacBook Pro has a lot of power. Apple Insider said the device features two Thunderbolt ports, an integrated HDMI port and more, so it can power up to three external monitors on a total of four screens. Many users will be considering the new Pro as a desktop replacement or as a long-term laptop solution, so a reliable MacBook repair specialist will be a handy person to know in case the computer endures a hardware issue.

“The new MacBook Pro has received gushing reviews, with most noting the $2,200 price as the only major downside,” Apple Insider said. “In addition to the Retina Display, the new MacBook Pro features a thinner form factor, SSD storage, USB 3.0 and Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors. A recent teardown of the laptop's display called Apple's design, which removed a layer of glass, an 'engineering marvel.'”

Other World Computing put the new computer through the test and found that moving images and media didn't have any lag on the four displays. The four screens powered by the laptop also had 14.86 million pixels, an impressive feat for a seemingly small device.

Fans of previous MacBook versions may want to check out the new one, which features the highly touted Retina display. But for those who may not want to drop the money right now, MacBook repair is available to get your older unit up and running.

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