New MacBook Air may have issues with volume, Wi-Fi speeds

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The 2013 MacBook Air may look like the silvery, airbrushed epitome of perfection on the surface, but it is still experiencing some issues inside of that seemingly flawless chassis. If you have one of these new devices, then you might have noticed some previously chronicled issues with Wi-Fi connectivity and Adobe Photoshop. To add to the list of potential errors are newer reports about issues with volume levels and Wi-Fi speeds.

Video playback seems to be making the new MacBook Air's volume settings freak out, according to a series of forum posts summarized by Macworld UK contributor Lily Walker. While playing a video, the volume may unexpectedly change, especially if it is originally set to a mid-range volume level. One user Walker cited stated that this volume fluctuation did not occur at the loud or quiet extremes, though.

Possible apps to look out for are QuickTime, which comes bundled on each new MacBook, and Google's Chrome browser, which you might have used to play videos on YouTube or another website. Both apps have been known  You may be able to fix the volume issue using a third-party application, however, such as Boom, according to AppleInsider​.

The new MacBook Air is also compatible with the new Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, which means  that its network speeds should theoretically run circles around the ones on older technology. . But it's had some issues, according to AnandTech contributor Anand Lai Shimpi.

“The bad news is that in its shipping configuration, the new MacBook Air is capable of some amazing transfer rates over 802.11ac but you won't see them when copying files between Macs or PCs,” wrote Shimpi in an excerpt highlighted by AppleInsider. “The good news is the issue seems entirely confined to software,” meaning that a simple update may be able to resolve it.

If you MacBook is having issues, such as screen or chassis damage, bring it to iResQ. We'll use our expertise in MacBook repair to help it get well again!

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