New Mac Pro balances bold design with deep power

MacBook / General Knowledge

Do you have a cylindrical black trash can in your room or office? Come later this year, it may strangely resemble Apple's upcoming 2013 Mac Pro model, which trades its predecessor's staid desktop tower design for a new glossy veneer and round shape. For professional users, however, the Mac Pro's unorthodox design may actually be a productivity boon, since it encloses some impressive and unique internal specifications inside of its quirky hardware design.

The current Mac Pro has a familiar desktop design based on the 2003 Power​ Mac G5, which makes the next model's odd cylindrical design a bold departure, MacWorld observed. The 2013 Mac Pro is made from black aluminum and it is only 6.6 inches wide and 9.9 inches tall. Although heavy, it is only one-eighth the size and volume of its predecessor, according to an Apple press release about the new desktop computer.

This more compact design is not just for show, though. SlashGear points out that the smaller design permits the use of a new cooling system and a shared aluminum core for the computer's processors. These features could enhance the Mac Pro's performance speed, which Apple explains is twice that of the current model.

The Mac Pro's full and complete specifications have not been finalized, but International Business Times confirms that it will feature Intel Xeon processors and support for 4K external displays and monitors. If you decide to go for a new Mac this year, then iResQ can help you with any hardware or repair issues. It specializes in iPhone repair, as well as iPod, iPad and MacBook repair, all of which are provided by Apple Certified technicians.

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