New iPod Touch may be significantly different than current model

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The iPod and iPod Touch have been around for a long time now, and what was once Apple's iconic product is now dwarfed by some of its newer devices. As John Gruber put it in a recent blog post, the iPhone is “king” of the Apple product line at the moment, whereas his reaction to a new iPod would be … “eh.” Apple may be aware that enthusiasm for the iPod is waning, and sources are reporting that the newest version of the iPod Touch will be a bit of a reinvention.

GizChina has posted photos of what looks to be a case for the new iPod Touch, which shows a “less-tapered” design with a widened rear camera hole. The implications of this could be exciting.

“The cases could also give away possible details as to the spec of the 5th generation iPod touch 5,” the news source said. “The hole around the camera area to the left for example looks to have been elongated and tapered to fit around a possible LED flash to help with low light photography, and there is also the appearance of a new ‘mystery hole’ in the lower left hand side of the case.”

MacRumors said the new hole could be for a microphone of some kind, but there are no official reports as to what it will be.

While an updated iPod could reignite excitement about this music player, some people never lost affection for the device. If you love your iPod and think it's a classic, you can turn to iPod repair to make sure you can keep listening to your favorite tunes on your familiar player even as Apple rolls out new versions.

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