New iPhone will have 19-pin connector

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Everyone knew the new iPhone would be somewhat different and improved, but according to reports, it appears as though users may be in for buying a whole new lot of accessories and tools for the device. TechCrunch has confirmed that Apple is working on adding a 19-pin port to replace the 30-pin port on the current iPhone, which the website said will “surely send shocks through the iPhone accessory ecosystem.”

“Apple’s 30-pin ports have been the standard since Apple released the third generation iPod,” the news source said. “The connectors offered structural stability when connecting to most accessories but it’s clear – especially with the introduction of the MagSafe 2 port – Apple is more concerned with space savings inside each device.”

TechCrunch said it spoke with three manufacturers who all agreed that the 19-pin dock is in the works and the accessory industry will have “an uneasy few months” ahead as they wait for the new iPhone standard to be announced.

MacRumors said there has been plenty of chatter about the new iPhone, but it is looking like the 19-pin switch is almost a sure-thing. Those looking to keep an older phone with accessories around should know they can always get their device back to normal again with iPhone repair from iResQ.

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