New iPhone will be bigger and smaller

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A host of new iPhone rumors have been pouring out as of late including those that say the phone will be slimmer and boast a bigger display. And while few people actually know what the fifth generation phone will include, it's safe to say the buzz will continue through the device's launch date.

With a larger display, unfortunately, comes more surface area for scratches and cracks. But rest easy, no matter the size, iResQ iPhone repair technicians are available to help.

In addition to the expected increase in screen size, Apple is also predicted to upgrade applications include in its iOS software. According to Computerworld, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu said there will be greatly enhanced maps, enhanced camera and phone apps.

“Currently, one can use the Photo Stream feature to share photos with iCloud. Many users still opt to use third-party apps like Instagram,” Wu said, according to Computerworld. “We hear the new apps will allow more powerful sharing of photos.”

Regardless of whether the new iPhone features an upgraded screen, casing or design,
iResQ has Apple Certified technicians available to help fix the device. Services like iPhone replacement glass, fixing the cracked backplate and more may come in handy for any Apple user.

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